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Wormax.io Unblocked
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Play Wormaxio Unblocked at School or Offices

Wormaxio Unblocked website is giving access Wormax.io online multiplayer game. You can play wormaxio game unblocked on fast private servers. We have many private server. Hope you can play wormax.io unblocked game easily in fullscreen.

Controls are easy, all you need to move mouse and control your worm. Scores are live in leaderboard. Try to reach to the top of board. There are hidden powerups which makes this game very interesting.

Wormaxio the super awesome game

Are you get bored with the other online games, then its a right time for all of us to get ready for the latest game "WORMAX.IO ONLINE Game". Wormaxio is the super awesome game for all age group either school going or office going. You can play Wormaxio online game for free with multiplayer. Wormaxio game is the game play with the help of worm who crawl around the screen. Its like a snake game we all used to play in our childhood but with advance skills more fun and excitement.

Now here are the secret rules for winning Wormaxio unblocked game

The very first thing you have to do is to control your worm who start moving around the screen once your Wormaxio game get started. There are dots on the screen like a power booster you have to eat as much as you can and increase your choice. While eating power boosters you have be careful from other players.

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The only target you have to focus is to make your worm longest among the others players worms.While playing Wormaxio Online game you cannot run over other players, you have to maintain your speed to eat power booster dots so that no other player eat your size increase booster.

Advance skills for Wormax.io Game

While playing Wormaxio Online game you get more fun once you start eating dots. Number of skills like acceleration ,ghost ,length, magnet comes over your way when your worm size start increasing.With the help of these skills you can upgrade your game. Acceleration helps you to increase your worm speed to move faster and eat dots. Ghost helps you to make your worm invisible for 5 seconds,its depends how you make use of these 5 seconds. Health gives 300 to current length of worm toxicity. And last not the least Magnet helps you by increasing your food collection radius by 20%.

With the help of all these skills you can make new records in Wormaxio Online Game.But one thing need to be remember that your game cannot upgrade for future, for upgrading you have to use your worm length points. Using acceleration skills every time you have to reduce 10 points score from your worm length.

You can play as a single or can make group of players with your friends.At the end of the game you find how much fun and excitement you have while playing this super awesome WORMAXIO UNBLOCKED Game.

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